Gather round my friends

It is time to say farewell to the local wood-cutting man

He served us well and taught our children how to whistle

He made his living throwing billets in a barking drum


Here with us now are his loving wife and family

Who remember him as loyal and stubborn and doting

He loved to dance and eat his dinner at the table

And he could listen with the patience of an oxen


When a tree falls we may not be there to hear it

But in the silence we recall the man who cleared it


I won't plant lilies for you

'Cause they'd poison my crops

But I'll plant sugar peas if you don't abandon me

Just peas in a pod


I read a letter from you

And neglected my tea

Now I've got bitter leaves and my throat is begging please

Stop drinking alone


Now that the peas have grown tall

And they don't reach the land of giants

Instead they grow apart

Each carrying a broken heart


And they bloom